Married vs. Common-Law: Property Division Differences

How are Married Couples & Common-Law Couples Different When it Comes to Property Division? When experiencing the breakdown of a relationship, there is often little difference, emotionally and financially, between those who are married and those who are in a common-law relationship or common-law spouses. However, legally, there are a number of distinctions made for […]

What is the Best Interest of a Child?

When parents have separated and need to make decisions about their child, we often hear them saying “it’s what is best for Johnny” or “that isn’t in Sally’s best interest”. However, just because one parent claims that something is in the child’s best interest does not make it so. “Best Interest of the child” is […]

Custody, Access and Primary Residence

One of the biggest confusions for individuals who are faced with having to come up with a parenting plan with their former partner is the difference between custody, access and primary residence. We will often hear a parent say that they want to have “sole custody”, as a means of saying they want the child […]