Legal Aid

Legal Aid Ontario is an independent, not for-profit organization that was created by the government of Ontario, which helps to provide legal services that are geared towards low-income individuals. If you qualify for and are approved for legal aid service, you will be given a legal aid certificate, which can be used to retain a private lawyer to act on your behalf.

We offer family law legal services for individuals who have qualified for the following Legal Aid Certificates:

Family Law Court Representation

If you are wanting to commence a court application or variation proceeding, or have been served with an application or motion to change in regards to your separation or divorce, we can help provide you with legal advice and court representation under the appropriate Legal Aid Certificate. These certificates can be used to deal with issues such as custody, access, child support or spousal support, or other property division.

Separation Agreements

Legal Aid Ontario can provide individuals with certificates to have legal representation in regards to the negotiating, drafting and preparation of a Separation Agreement, as well as financial statements required to have full financial disclosure between the separation parties. If you believe that you and your previous partner are in a position to negotiate a Separation Agreement and avoid having to bring a Court Application, this certificate may be appropriate for you.

Domestic Violence Certificates

Domestic violence can include physical, emotional, sexual, mental or financial abuse, and can come in many different shapes and forms. If you have experienced Domestic Violence, Legal Aid has 2 hour certificates available so that individuals can obtain two hours’ worth of free legal advice in order to help determine what their next steps should be. If you or someone you know has experienced domestic violence and would like to see if they qualify for a 2 hour certificate, contact your local Legal Aid clinic or local shelter to see what can be done.